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17 March 2009 @ 12:19 am
Despite the fact that Twitter has probably tricked me into writing LJ entries worth of text lately, I am thinking I may ditch LJ. I don't update like ever. Facebook has most things covered. From the perspective of me getting info out to people, the only thing I lose is that it is slightly harder for someone who I don't specifically tag when I post to catch whatever it is that I said. That sentence could have been shorter and clearer. I dislike tagging people, but it will be necessary for correctly spreading info.

I lose the communities that make up the bulk of my friends list, but the important ones have rss feeds (comics, rpg publishers). The only thing I will be sad about is a very few people who regularly update with f-locked posts. But I guess I will live?

Actually, the thing I may miss the most is LJ Icons =D
22 January 2009 @ 10:15 am

Daisy Owl - The Rest Stop
That should sell you on the comic.
16 January 2009 @ 05:09 pm

If you click on it like, eight times you'll get to the full size version.
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03 January 2009 @ 05:02 pm
Happy New Year, true believers.

Via the ancient powers of magic I will be arriving in DC on Monday afternoon. This demonstrates that my long tradition of "plans that are the best oh wait not actually" is alive and well in 2009. I do manage to successfully avoid other wizards flinging themselves post-holidaysically through the aether. On the other hand, I arrive at the aetheric hub with heavy bags while everyone is at work. And after traversing the kingdoms of the molemen out to Takoma, I will pray to all the gods that the key I pried from the depths of my sock drawer is the right one. Good times!

I leave via Dulles on Saturday next, at around 12:40pm. Anyone who is kind enough to drive me there will receive a meal's worth of food in exchange (expertly prepared by the restaurateurs of DC), plus some cash for gas, plus any additional reimbursements determined during contract negotiations.

Now that those logistics are out of the way, fun stuff. I'm not in for long, but I will try and see as many people as possible. Several people have called dibs. They have dibs. Let me know if you are not a 9-5 person, because then I can see you during the day while responsible people are working. If nothing else, I'm going to try for some kind of late birthday dealy on Friday night so people don't have to go sleep for work in the middle of it.

Speaking of this birthday dealy - would people be interested in trying another Shakespeare drinking game night? I've learned some things from the last two and all the reading groups that I've done in grad school. Namely, 1) no long plays, 2) preferably comedies, 3) have people switch roles scene to scene so everyone gets to participate. I think the play under consideration would be Twelfth Night. The alternative is some kind of drinks thing, and after the way Othello went, I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to chance the Bard. Oh, also, the Shakes reading is also dependent on a donated location, since I don't have a home to invite people to to which I may invite people.

The Update Bit
Things are going well in school. I'm currently working on my MLitt thesis, involving a paper and an edition of R+J. I'm presenting my project on Feb 15th, and appearing in a play on the 15th and 16th (Beaumont & Fletcher's Night of the Burning Pestle). I get to yell at children. I'd say you should come, but seriously, it's Sunday and Monday night. Not really convenient for anybody. Also, I cannot guarantee that my presentation will not be boring. The play will be funny. Oh, and as long as I don't bomb my thesis I'm already accepted to teh MFA program. Word.

Mentally am doing pretty well. Physically, better than in a long time. The thing I hate most about 2009 is that I HAVE LOST ZERO POUNDS THIS YEAR. School (also cold) managed to keep me away from the gym the last half of the semester, but I have kept off everything I lost, so go me. Sustainable improvements = please yes. And hopefully more to come.

I am down two pets. Max was put to sleep in November. His back legs basically were disconnected, and he kept falling down. Then he would look at you like, "Why did you push me over? That's a dumb game." No pain until right before the end, though, which was good. My mom doesn't have his ashes back yet, and I choose to believe that this means, somehow, that he escaped postmortem and is making a voodoo priestess somewhere a wonderful pet.

Delirium, one of my rats, has also died. We think that she died just to spite me, since I've been very good at keeping her from biting me. Lately. It was a little weird because she was the active and healthy one. Lauren has been taking Door to the vet for me while I'm gone in order to avoid similar occurrences. I don't think I'm going to be getting another pair right away. In another year and a half, when I'm settled somewhere with job or PhD program, I'll break out the cages again. I'll just have to spend more time with Door in the meantime to keep her from being lonely. Not like she was playing with Delirium anyway - I had to separate them because Delirium kept attacking her. What I'm trying to say is, while I'm a little upset because she was a living creature, good riddance. Me and Door never bit her.

Excelsior, bitches.
28 November 2008 @ 12:23 am
First: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Rickrolled the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Second: The plan for tomorrow is Repo at Village East at 3:30, then Macbeth at Roust at 8. Feel free to join.

Third: Saturday is planned zoo day. Details are uncertain, but will probably be in the form of "Meet at animal x's cage at y o'clock because that is animal x feeding time."
24 November 2008 @ 01:15 pm
I know I owe y'all a regular entry, but I've been crazy with pretending to do schoolwork. You know how it is. So this entry will instead be for information gathering and decision making.

Point One
I will be in NY for Thanksgiving as of tomorrow night. I will be staying until Sunday, and probably leaving Monday morning to avoid traffic. My roommate is driving me and having turkey with the fam since he can't make it back to Illinois. We plan to attempt the Bronx Zoo, despite the cold. I think my family has me reserved Wed and Thurs nights. Am free asides from that (and the Zoo is something other people could attend). So feel free to try and get me to hang out, roommate in tow. Also also: Any interest in another Unknown Armies one-shot? I'd need four to five people saying yes to make a big enough group. And I'd have to find my book, wherever the hell it went.

Point Two
My winter break extends from December 13 to January 11. I plan on being in NY first, and then DC. This would be really simple except for that whole New Year thing. Who's doing a party that I should be at? Help me decide where I should be!
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23 October 2008 @ 11:41 pm
mdnghtmlkywy: we had people stop by at the dixie tonight to ask if the same mc would be working the rocky show
me: Uh oh
mdnghtmlkywy: lol they were really excited when i said yes
me: Hurrah!
mdnghtmlkywy: yeah
i was like "um yes...in theater #2..." and they said "how do we guarantee that we are in #2?"

Should be good times at the Dixie come next Friday. This'll be my fifth separate run as a Rocky MC, meaning not counting consecutive nights.

I have wedding pictures. I haven't edited out the completely useless ones, but I realized I wouldn't bother to do so for about a million years. Since I take so many pictures to compensate for not using the flash, I suggest you click through the photostream really quickly and pretend it's a flipbook.

This is the mask I purchased in Italy. And this is my stun death ray.
02 October 2008 @ 06:45 pm
Gary Taylor gave a talk to the program today about his reconstruction of Shakespeare's Cardenio, a mostly-lost play. There's going to be a staged reading of it on Sunday at the ASC. Dude's a rockstar, and dresses like it. Or maybe a stage magician. Not even kidding.

To those of you who have mentioned, in the past, that I should start reading A Song of Ice and Fire - I hate you so much. Because obviously when you told me that they were "the best fantasy books ever" you did not praise them enough, leaving me to languish without them for so very long. I finished A Game of Thrones, and almost cried when I realized that the other book I had grabbed from the used bookstore was #3. I blame all y'all.

After the post 24HTP party at my place, I was left with a half bottle of gin. And an inch of vermouth. And a quarter jar of olives. Their powers combined, they are a giant bottle of martini hanging out in the freezer. It will get drunk tonight or tomorrow night. Or at least, tasted and poured down the drain.

I've been drafted into a friend's MFA Directing project. I'll be playing the Citizen in Beaumont and Fletcher's Knight of the Burning Pestle. I get to yell at small children, mostly an 11 year old girl named Emily. Depending on which of two Sun-Tues sets in February they happen to be in (22-24 is the play, I think, 15-17 is the other place for presentations), it's theoretically possible that a person could see me both act and present my thesis paper.
27 September 2008 @ 07:23 pm



My second 24 Hour Theatre Project offering, written with the assistance of the inestimable Nolan Carey. As a note to readers, please treat the Transition to stage direction as Wayne's World style fade-outs.
23 September 2008 @ 05:16 pm
So it took me a while to realize that postdating this very interesting entry would not, in fact, keep it at the top of Friends' pages a little longer, but would in fact hide it forever. So, uh, this is a plug for myself, in my own journal. Go me. Also, I have to decide:

I kind of like 2 and 3 best.